General 一般項目

- Added new tech-tree - American tanks. 22 tanks + 3 premium tanks. Also added American tank crews. 加入新科技樹:美國坦克。總計有 22 種一般坦克以及 3 種金幣坦克,也增加美國人戰車組員。
- Added two new maps: "Monastery" and "Sandy River". 加入兩張新地圖。
- Removed "teleports" of tanks at great distances when aiming at them. 修正秒準遠方坦克時,對手在畫面上順移的現象。
- Introduced advanced video settings. 引入進階的影像設定項目。
- Now for the first battle of the day on each tank (24h) player will receive double experience. 每台坦克剛買的 24 小時內經驗值雙倍。
- Fixed crash to the garage with 0 experience and credits. (不確定是什麼狀況)
- Fixed almost all cases when tank gets "stuck" in battle. 修正所有遊戲中卡點的問題。

Balance of tank performance parameters and economy: 坦克能力以及各項費用平衡

- Cost of gold consumables reduced by 50%. 金幣購買的消耗品打五折。
- Increased effect of the following consumables "Chocolate", "Coca-Cola box", "Extra combat rations". 把"Chocolate", "Coca-Cola box", "Extra combat rations"的效果調高
- Increased shell dispersion for SPGs by 10%. SPG的彈著分散增加10%。
- shell velocity decreased by 20% for all vehicles, including SPGs’ shells 所有坦克射擊炮彈的飛行速度都被降低20%,包括SPG。
- Increased repair costs: Hummel (15%), Ferdinand (10%), JagdTiger (20%), SU-8 (5%), S-51 (20%), SU-152 (20%), ISU-152 (10%), T-43 (10%), IS (15%). 所有被列舉出的車列增加維修費用。(德3台,蘇6台)
- Reduce rate of ammo-rack burning for all tanks. 所有坦克的彈藥倉被擊毀的機率均被調低。
- Improved fire extinguishers: manual fire extinguisher = +25% to firefighting abilities, automatic fire extinguisher = +50% to firefighting abilities 把滅火器的效能調強。
- Added ability to pivot turn on a spot for tanks: Panther, VK3601H, Tiger, Tiger II. 下列坦克將增加原地迴轉功能 (原本的坦克要迴旋多少會位移)。
- Increased VK1602 gun’s angle of depression by 4 deg. VK1602的炮可以多往下4度。
- Increased tracks repair speed by 20% for VK1602. VK1602履帶維修速度加快。
- Rebalanced Pz38t: maneuverability, cross-country ability, turret rotation, accuracy, and aiming speed adjusted. 全面調整Pz38t。
- Removed AP rounds from the default ammunition of 152mm gun BR-2. 移除BR-2在初始狀態下使用自動給彈會幫你裝上AP彈的設定。
- Fixed rate of fire for the stock guns of SU-152 (decreased) and ISU-152 (increased). ISU152的炮裝彈速重新調整。
- Reduced traverse speed of SPG "Bison" by 3 deg/sec. BISON的履帶轉速減低。
- Increased traverse speed of SPG SU-5by 8 deg/sec. SU5履帶轉速增加。
- Changes to Porsche_Deutz_Typ180_2 engine of the heavy tank 4502: increased horsepower to 840 h/p, switched to diesel, decreased chance of fire. 4502的這種引擎提高馬力到840,並且改成柴油引擎較不容易著火。
- Added match-making limitation on participation in high tier battles for tanks Valentine and T1 heavy. 金幣買的重坦在餐與怪物場將受到限制。(避免出現一邊是丘吉爾一邊是IS?)
- Minor balance fixes to tank performance parameters. 一些細部調整。

Damage models and game mechanics: 受損模組以及遊戲機制

- Fixed "ricochet" message when the damage is inflicted. 修正明明有傷害卻顯示跳彈的問題。
- Set limitation on the distance of projectile movement inside the tank after the armor penetration. The limitation is set in order to reduce number of “was hit at the front and the engine got damaged”, etc. 調整穿甲彈穿透的程度,以避免正面中彈引擎卻報銷。
- Increased normalization effect when shell penetration value is twice as much as armor thickness value or more. 增加穿甲彈的穿甲後造成的效果合理性。
- Fixed cases when projectile "disappears" after hitting the gun. 修正炮彈擊中目標後卻「消失」的問題。(沒遇過)
- Reduced randomization in armor-penetration and damage from 30% to 25%. 降低穿甲機率以及穿甲後的傷害浮動。
- Improved HE explosion: when exploding your HE on the static object near your tank, your tank will be damaged; when exploding your HE on the armor, the splash damage is distributed by the standard rules of splash damage. HE的效果提高,打到車身附近也會導致受損。
- Fixed repair kit when repairing fuel-tank. 修正工具箱維修油箱時的表現。
- Battle Hero "Steel Wall" is not awarded posthumously anymore. STEEL WALL這個稱號不再只有在被擊毀後才能拿到了。
- Battle Hero "Sniper": the rule "no less than 10 shots, no less than 80% hits" replaced with "more than 10 shots, no less than 85% hits". SNIPER改成射擊10發以上,命正率85%。
- Fixed error with displaying reloading for guns with low rate of fire. 修正裝填速低的炮在重新裝彈時的顯示錯誤。
- Fixed error with counting hits when shooting at destroyed tanks. 修正射擊被擊毀的戰車也會算入命中數的錯誤。

Match-Making System:不平衡的平衡系統

- Balance-weight of tanks does not increase when in a platoon. 以坦克輕中重作為平衡的機制將不影響組成一個小隊的狀況。
- Removed influence of modules on the balance-weight of a tank. 模組零件將不納入平衡機制。
- Added one more battle tier for the high tier vehicles: HT 10,9,8,7; MT 8,7; SPG 5,6; TD 7,8,9. 增加全新怪物場,只有以上等級才能進入。(爽,我的VI終於不用被T44繞圈了)

Content: 遊戲內容

- Fixed several places where tank can get stuck on the maps "Himmelsdof", "Prokhorovka", "Lakeville", "Pagorki". 以下地圖容易卡點的地方都被修正了。
- Fixed indestructible objects on the maps "Muranovka" and "Himmelsdorf". 修正這兩張地圖上不可被摧毀的物體。
- Fixed crash states and models of some objects. 修正某些模組被撞毀後的狀況與外觀。
- Added destruction of some objects. 新增可摧毀物品。
- Removed the dog yelping when driving over the dog houses. 壓過狗屋後不會再聽到狗吠了。
- Reduced size of textures of destroyed tanks. 被摧毀的坦克調低材質數。
- Optimized tank models for display at long distances. 坦克模組美化。
- Tank Tiger I: redrawn tracks, fixed increased brightness of the 75mm in the second turret. 小貓的履帶重畫,改良砲塔上的75炮的明亮度也更改
- Fixed mantlet of 10.5cm guns on tanks VK3001H and VK3601H. 3001跟3601的105炮炮盾修改
- Fixed texture errors of the second turret of the VK3601H tank. 3601砲塔材質修正
- Fixed tracks model of Tiger II tank. 貓王履帶模組修正
- Fixed chassis model of SU-85B. 炮座底盤修改
- Fixed black tracks texture of the crash-state for "Marder II". 馬得兔掛掉的樣子修正
- Fixed darkening of SU-5 guns at the far distance. SU5遠遠看過去會變暗的問題修正


- Reworked platoon creation interface. 把小隊組成介面改過
- Fixed error when not able to leave pre-battle room by invite. 修正被邀請進入戰鬥時無法離開pre-battle room 的錯誤
- Fixed error with “non-rotational” destroyed vehicle in battle UI after the battle start. 修正開場時有些車會被顯示成已經被擊毀的問題
- Added 2 tips. 新增兩條提示
- Marked non-demountable modules in the module list with "lock" icon. 用「鎖」表示這項附加零件拆掉後無法回收
- Added additional cursors. 增加準星
- Simplified tanker's panel in the hangar. The addition information is now displayed when pointing at the tanker. 車庫坦克的顯示被簡化,詳細數值請用滑鼠移到組員身上會顯示。
- Redesigned screens "Barracks", "Depot", "Store" to fit the general style. 兵營車庫商店的字樣重弄
- Now when pressing Esc while in "Barracks, "Depot", "Store", "Statistics", "Research", etc. you will exit into the hangar 在兵營車庫商店統計科技研發等地方按ESC會回到車庫
- Fixed minor errors with re-education of the tank crew. 修正坦克組員再教育的錯誤。
- Added tank description in the tank's info-window (so far only for soviet and german vehicles). 德蘇坦克增加坦克描述。
- Added crew description in the tank's info-window. 新增組員描述
- You can now mark your tanks as prime/primary and it is displayed at the beginning of the garage tank scrolling selection lineup. 自行設定車庫排列的優先順序
- Players, which haven't loaded into the map yet, now displayed with "connecting" status. 還沒進入戰場的玩家顯示「連線」
- When generating a new tank crew, they will always have different faces. 產生新坦克組員時臉孔會不一樣
- Added additional statuses to the team lists in battle: connected to the battle, connected and in battle, destroyed and in battle, destroyed and left the battle. 新增隊員的連線狀態
- Added clarification on the cost of transfer of the free experience for the gold. 用黃金把多的EXP轉成FREE EXP時會有匯率了
- Few fixes for vehicle research window. 研發視窗小更新
- When buying consumables, it is possible to set amount of consumables to purchase. 買消耗品時可以設定購買數量
- Crew members in the hangar and in the tank window in the battle are always displayed in the same order. 車庫與戰場上坦克組員的排列順序一致
- Added tank control when holding down mouse wheel. 按下滾輪可以用滑鼠控制坦克
- Added voice messages when crew members injured. 組員受傷會有語音
- Fixed error: "When researching a module, the amount of free experience in the hangar header does not change". 修正數據顯示錯誤
- Fixed several interface errors in training room and invites. 修正訓練和邀請的介面錯誤
- Added button "E" to disengage auto-aim. E可取消自瞄
- Removed possibility of bringing up marker "Attacking" on a destroyed enemy. 無法對以摧毀的坦克下攻擊命令
- Fixed display of several repair notification when pressing "Repair" button multiple times. 修正修車時的提醒
- Fixed cases of erroneous display of win and defeat percentages. 修正輸贏(搶旗?)的百分比錯誤
- Fixed texts on some interfaces. 修正某些介面材質
- Added the elite-tank marking in the tank list in the hangar. 車庫中的菁英坦克(所有科技研發完)會有特殊記號
- Limit on display of number of medals increased from 99 to 999. 可得勳章數增加到999
- Added description of the current battle mode under the button "Battle!". 對參與的戰鬥模式新增解釋
- Fixed error with displaying medals/achievements counter. 修正勳章還有成就
- For SPG: moving mouse when RMB is pressed allows separating camera from reticule. 在炮擊模式下按住右鍵可以移動鏡頭又不影響準心了
- Added button "Maximize" in the window mode. Added ability to change window size with a mouse. 增加視窗模式的最大化功能,也讓滑鼠能調整視窗大小
- Multiple minor interface fixes and improvements. 多項改進


- Improved grass visualization - grass color fits better to the color of landscape. 改良草地
- Removed reticule fixation on some minor objects. 準心不再受小物體影響 (SPG相關?)
- Reduced possibility of displaying movement of destroyed tanks. 被打爆的車不再移動
- Fixed tracks "jerking" effect when tracks moving. 履帶轉動時不再顫抖
- Fixed error with SPG tracers splitting mid-flight. SPG的彈道軌跡修正
- Fixed sound of observation modules when they are being destroyed/repaired/damaged. 修正音效
- Removed unused modules from the Store. 商店中無用的模組會被移除
- Added new graphical post-effects. 新增特效
- Renamed executable file to WorldOfTanks.exe 改執行檔名
- Fixed error with displaying hanging sections of fences in some camera angles on different maps. (看不太懂)
- Added caching of some sounds in order to decrease “twitching” when driving over destructible objects. 修正音效問題

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